Covid-19 – Bouncing Back…

Well, I don’t think anyone saw this one coming!

At the end of March we were excited to finally be opening the doors to our amazing new workshop.  As you can imagine we were devastated when we got side swiped by Covid-19, not the start we had planned for our new venture – no party, no press, no celebration!  We were forced into lockdown before we had even started, putting all of our bookings on hold for the unforeseeable future. 

So do we sit back and be beaten or do we find a way to get through it?

It seems that, as a nation, we’re all slowly adjusting to the ‘new normal’ and in order for us to continue doing what we love doing best … teaching jewellery, we had to embrace these new, strange times.

Following government guidelines we have adopted a new approach and have made some changes to our workshop in order to provide a safer environment for our students.

The Jewellery Bench have…

  • created Perspex booths for our students to work in
  • become clean freaks and put strict cleaning regimes in place after every session
  • adopted the ‘visor-chic’ look
  • gone ‘sanitiser’ crazy
  • reduced workshop numbers to maintain social distancing

So far, so good… We are into our fifth teaching week and we’re pleased to say that everyone seems happy – wearing masks and sanitising has become second nature!

We are gutted that there are things that we can’t do, such as wear our fabulous, branded aprons or make a cup of tea as and when, but these things will come – we just need to be patient and go with it. 

We are pleased to be teaching once again, sharing our knowledge in a professional, relaxed environment.  We want our students to feel safe and enjoy their time in our new workshop and most of all enjoy the experience.

Be patient – we’re all learning…

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